Understanding the Zeitgeist Movement

In a highly industrialized, technologically advanced and highly materialistic world, it seems almost impossible to eliminate monetary systems. But imagine how much of a better place the world would become, if there was even a marginal chance of this being true. Such an idea was suggested by the proponent and pioneer of the Zeitgeist Movement, Peter Joseph. Just so you know, the movement is much more than the elimination of money in economies. The primary mottos of this non-profit organization is to slowly and steadily transform the globe into a set of close-knitted nations which mutually exchange resources and aim towards environmental uplifting. At the concept-level, this is indeed a brilliant idea because most of the world’s problems, conflicts and issues lie rooted in money. So the end-results as proposed by the Zeitgeist Movement will definitely lead to a world where nations and societies are much more responsible, empathize with one another and abstain from mindless violence and conflicts.

Peter Joseph: The visionary behind the Zeitgeist Movement

When one speaks of a visionary running a non-profit organization that operates on a global scale, one visualizes a much aged, bespectacled personality with loads of experience and wise words. This is why it is a delight to trace the unconventional life and journey of Peter Joseph, the brains behind the revolutionary Zeitgeist Movement. He is not just an activist, but also a popular independent movie-maker accredited with creating the much-famed Zeitgeist Film Series as well as numerous music videos for leading rock bands. It would also delight you to note that Joseph is an alumnus of the highly prestigious New School for Social Research in New York City.

Z Day 2010 Trivia

The Z Day of course stands short for Zeitgeist Day and commemorates a day when there is intensive promotion and awareness-spreading about the Zeitgeist Movement on a global scale. This is not carried out on a random basis, but is a highly systematic process which has been pre-planned. The members of this non-profit organization understand that the success of the movement is highly dependent upon the quality of seminars, lectures, conferences, presentations, events and discussions which educate people about the various aims and objectives of the movement. Therefore, the preparation for Z Day is carried out several months in advance, so that there is absolutely no scope for any kind of mismanagement or miscommunication.