Conspiracy Theories advocated by the Zeitgeist Documentary Series

What lies beneath is often completely different from the superficial visibility of an event, object or entity. And such has been the case when it comes to the commoners, ruling classes and the media. Very often, there are incorrect theories that are portrayed to be true, in order to serve some underlying purpose of the politicians or most affluent classes. The biggest conspiracy theory as showcased in the first installment of the Zeitgeist Series is that the 9/11 attacks were premeditated. Through various sources and evidences, it has been claimed that the top authorities of the US government and he security forces were aware of the upcoming attacks, but they did not stop the flights and let the attacks happen in order to add fuel to the fire of ‘War on Terror’. For decades to come,9/11 would be quoted as the prime reason for all the wrongdoings by the US Army in the name of ‘War on Terror’.

Jesus Myth Hypothesis

It might not be easy for conservatives to watch the Zeitgeist Documentary Series, especially since the conspiracy theories shown are not just rooted in the present-day world, but go way back in the past. A number of facts and evidences have been collected from all over the world to back the fact that present-day Christianity was in fact a sum-total of various beliefs that were imposed by religious leaders, monarchs and political leaders as per their convenience. Yet again, the very question of the factual existence of Jesus Christ has been questioned by scholars. And even if he did exist, the compilation of the Holy Books as revered today, actually have nothing to do with the teachings that he propounded during his times. In fact, the filmmaker has cited this example to fortify his claims of the modern-day conspiracy theories which we find so hard to believe.