Is the Vision for a Resource-Based Economy really practical?

Before we get all judgmental and shrug it off as a utopian idea, let us just go through the following points which will automatically get achieved if the end-objectives as proposed by the Zeitgeist Movement are achieved:-

  • A full and final end to poverty and destitution
  • No more classification of countries as First World, Second World or Third World
  • End of Wars, Violence and Bloodshed over monetary resources
  • Consequential end to massive investments in Militarization (as is the case today) and mobilization of those resources towards improving the quality of human life and the environment as a whole.
  • End of Debts at a macro-level and focus on universal solidarity and oneness

If someone were to tell you that the aforementioned points can actually be achieved by lieu of a series of systematic steps, wouldn’t you be delighted? It’s time to take a look at the Zeitgeist Film Series, or at least gain an introductory in-sight on the concepts portrayed in this movies series envisioned and created by Peter Joseph.

Zeitgeist Film Series

For all those who haven’t seen this brilliant series, this is a documentary trilogy comprised of:-

1st part- Zeitgeist: The Movie

2nd part-Zeitgeist: Addendum

3rd part- Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Unlike other trilogies in which you can watch and understand the 2nd or 3rd installment without having to watch the previous ones, the Zeitgeist Documentary Film Series can be fully understood only when watched in proper sequence. The most interesting aspect of watching this film series that it really broadens your mind, and makes it more receptive to the conspiracy theories that you keep hearing about. For once, you kind of get the feel that there might be some truth to it. Before we get into the details of each individual documentary film of the Zeitgeist Trilogy, you should also know that although these movies were considered as blasphemous by certain sections of the media and government, the overall public reception, especially on social media was really phenomenal.